Redline Engineering

Redline Engineering


Redline Engineering

Our goal with this lively redesign was to create a progressive layout with a magnetic, comprehensible browsing experience for their valued customers. Redline Engineering's previous design lacked the brilliance and dexterity of the minds behind the business it was missing the creativity and ingenuity of a graphic designer. The old design also wasn’t compatible with all modern browsers, whereas the redesign features a fluid layout that is able to perform well on all screen sizes. While there was a lot of valuable information on the older design, the redesign only features the most important, relevant content that’s been formatted with the correct use of headings, subheadings, paragraphs and bullets in order to help break up the text and allow readers to easily scan across the material.

In the redesign, high-resolution photos have been placed strategically throughout the design of the page with the main objective of alluring visitors to spend more time browsing and admiring the sublime sense of symmetry. While Numinix had performed some user-friendly revisions to the old design, the redesign features a more efficient navigation system, a straightforward, accessible way to search and faster load times between pages.

Essentially the redesign embodies browser compatibility, gives the website a renewed sense of professionalism and effectively uses their branding to open the doors to potential sales possibilities.



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