WooCommerce A/B Testing

WooCommerce A/B Testing

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Raise your conversions rates by understanding what drives your customers to buy your products. A/B testing consists of creating two versions of a page. When a visitor lands on that page, they will either be shown version A or B. We then analyze your conversion and click-through rates to find out whether A or B was more effective for your demographic. 

A/B testing can be used for any potential change to your site in order for you to understand how the change affects user behaviour. Many large companies on the web use A/B testing to learn what changes are effective. AMD.com increased their online social sharing by 3600% with the help of A/B testing! 

Use our A/B Testing service to find out what’s most effective for you e-commerce site. Turn your increased user insight into increased revenue!

  • WooCommerce A/B Testing

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