Google Merchant Center Feeder

Google Merchant Center Feeder

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Google Customer Reviews Connect to Google Trusted Stores to improve customer confidence and exposure for your online store.
Numinix Product Fields Numinix Product Fields adds custom fields used by many plugins to the product page in the Zen Cart admin.
Numinix Product Variants Inventory Manager Track inventory of variations of your products without creating a separate SKU.
Zen Cart UTF-8 Conversion Convert your database to use the UTF-8 character set to support all accented characters and symbols.

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Submit your products to Google Product Search to expose them to a wider audience. This free module allows fast and easy import of products into the Google Merchant Center.  Have a catalog larger than 1000 products?  Try out Google Product Search Feeder.

This Script generates a Google Merchant Center Feed (GMCF) as described here:

This module works with Magic SEO URLs when used with the Magic SEO URLs Add-On. Please visit the Magic SEO URLs Add-On script's product page.


  • Supports product identifiers like UPC and ISBN (Numinix Product Fields module required).
  • Supports additional product images (10 total allowed by Google).
  • Improved character sanitizer to avoid XML errors resulting in rejected feeds by Google.
  • Can be used for multiple languages (definition files are not included).
  • Can be setup with a cron job to both create and submit the feed (although it is recommended you set to create the feed only and then schedule Google to crawl the feed location).
  • Password protect the feed generator so that it cannot be used by competitors to steal your content or crash your server.
  • Uses Zen Cart attributes for adding many required Google attributes (i.e. Size, Color, Age Group, Gender, Material, Pattern, and Google Product Category).


  • Zen Cart Version 1.3.8a, 1.3.9h, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, 1.5.5e, 1.5.5a, 1.5.5d, 1.5.5b, 1.5.5c

Version History

1.15.1 Nov 18, 2015
1.15.0 Nov 18, 2015
1.14.4 Apr 4, 2014
1.14.3 Mar 28, 2014
1.14.2 Nov 25, 2013
1.14.1 Oct 22, 2013
1.14.0 Apr 4, 2013
1.13.0 Feb 3, 2012
1.12.5 Nov 10, 2011
1.12.4 Nov 4, 2011


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