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Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph

Are you taking advantage of the latest social media technology? Facebook Open Graph is the first step to connecting your website with the millions of users on social media sites.

The Facebook Open Graph add-on allows Zen Cart stores to quickly and easily create the important meta data that is used by the various Facebook Social plugins created by Numinix. If you plan to install any of our plugins, you will need to first add the Facebook Open Graph module to your Zen Cart store. Find more information on Facebook Social plugins.

Supported Modules

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Our stated prices for all modules we install are based on installation into a default Zen Cart configuration. We always ensure your logo and basic color palette are in place when we install a mod. However, any additional "custom" styling, design work, or derivitive tasks generated due to a site's non-default Zen Cart configuration could require additional prepaid programming hours.

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.2.0
Update added on: 2014-01-18 18:43:50
  • added og:description
  • added ability to override og:image
  • updated documentation for
Downloaded: 51 times

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.1.2
Update added on: 2012-06-13 22:33:31
Change Log
  • updated documentation for XBFML method
Downloaded: 384 times

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.1.1
Update added on: 2012-04-23 21:24:36
Change Log
  • bug fixes
Downloaded: 72 times

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.1.0
Update added on: 2012-02-17 15:38:14
Change Log
  • updated for Zen Cart v1.5.0
  • updated documentation
Downloaded: 132 times

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.0.3
Update added on: 2011-07-08 18:24:36
Change Log
  • removed zen_id from URL
Downloaded: 291 times

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.0.2
Update added on: 2011-05-13 18:18:05
Change Log
  • updated for FEAC 2.15.x
  • supports Application Secret Key
  • added ability to serve custom alternative url called "stored url"
  • requires CSS JS Loader
Downloaded: 136 times

Author: Numinix
Version: 1.0.0
Update added on: 2010-09-24 22:08:55
Change Log
  • initial public release
Downloaded: 73 times

Zen Cart Version

1.3.8a, 1.3.9h, 1.5.0, 1.5.1

Free! per license

Services: Our professional installation service will be completed within 2 business days from the time of your purchase. Purchases made after 5PM EST will be completed within 2 business days from the following day starting at 9:00AM EST.

: Dev Site Setup We'll setup a dev site and perform the work on it out of site of your customers. This ensures that the customer experience is not interrupted and allows us to fully debug any issues before pushing the changes live.

: Site Backup We'll create a full backup of your website just in case the unexpected happens, ensuring your business is fully protected.

Optional Install: CSS/JS Loader CSS JS Loader allows plugins to load JavaScript and CSS while maintaining library dependencies. It also avoids duplicate loading of the same script and uses an advanced algorithm called minification to minimize the filesize of the JS and CSS files being Facebook Like Button Add a Facebook Like button to your product pages.

Optional Services: We'll customize the CSS to ensure the colors and styling of elements (input fields, buttons, labels, etc) match the styling of the rest of your website.

: The domain that this plugin will be installed on.

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