Shopify Development

Whether you’re looking to improve your Shopify sites’ page speed or create a custom API, our dedicated Shopify agency can help bring your ideas to life. Experienced in Liquid Web, the programming language that is exclusively for Shopify, our programming and development team can work with almost any budget—whether you want to custom-build your Shopify site or tweak an out-of-the-box template. Best of all, if you’re based near Vancouver, our team is more than happy to host you in our Downtown office to discuss your project in person.

With a goal-oriented workflow, we make sure that you are armed with the tools to give you the biggest chance to succeed—not just for now but for long into the future. And, our agile workflow ensures that your project will be completed in the quickest time possible. All of this coupled with our customer-first approach means that you’ll never be left wondering what is being done on your project.

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Why Hire a Shopify Development Agency?

As of late 2019, Shopify has over one million merchants using the platform. That makes it one of the largest eCommerce platforms across the globe. Yet, despite Shopify powering so many eCommerce websites, brands still need developers to help them overcome some of the common quirks of the software. After selecting Shopify as their host, the next step for many site owners is to find the best Shopify website development agency. This is where Numinix comes in. Our blend of technical expertise of the platform and experience in eCommerce allows those who choose us as their Shopify development agency to customize their site design and improve conversions like never before.

Our Shopify Development Services

It’s our job to help you build your online business. Plain and simple. Our talented team of designers and developers unlock the secrets to Shopify website development. From APIs to SEO, we've done it all. No matter the challenge that is facing your site, with us as your Shopify development company, your eCommerce site will be up and ready for orders again in no time at all. All our work is robust, scalable, and easily broken down into manageable chunks that we will prioritize as your budget allows.

Some of the common Shopify development projects that Numinix Web Developers have completed successfully are:

Shopify Integration

From integrating analytics tools for Shopify sites to integrating product catalogs, our developers can help you seamlessly and effortlessly integrate any third-party tool to your eCommerce website. So that you can focus on growing your business.

Shopify Theme Design & Development

Although there’s a wide variety of templates and themes for Shopify users to select from, there’s nothing like having a completely custom website of your own. Show your business off in the best way possible while gaining the benefits of our experience improving conversion rates of eCommerce stores by choosing us for your custom Shopify theme development.

Shopify Speed Optimization

Although Shopify is amazing for many things, including its user-friendly interface, it is well documented that the software suffers from serious page speed issues. This affects conversions and Organic website rankings. Our developers have discovered some of the secrets to increasing Shopify site speed and are ecstatic to help you speed up your eCommerce website.

Shopify Plugin Development

When we’re not creating amazing websites, diagnosing, or fixing website issues for our Shopify clients, our development team create plugins for the eCommerce platform. We do this so that the Shopify app market has innovative and useful plugins that are accessible for all.

Shopify SEO

Working alongside the amazing eCommerce programmers and web designers is our sister company, Trek Marketing. The Shopify SEO experts at Trek Marketing can audit, analyze, and implement SEO strategies that help websites climb the Search Engine Rankings as well as continuously improve revenue. Using cutting-edge best practices, our Shopify SEO experts can help with targeting metadata, implementing Schema Markup, improving HTML to Text ratios, and growing domain authority.

The Solution to Your Shopify Development Woes is Just a Click Away.

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