WooCommerce Design

Whether you choose a WooCommerce template or opt for a custom-designed WooCommerce site, your final product will be rich with features. Many of which are mainstays of premium enterprise eCommerce sites. Best of all, your site will be completely responsive and secure so that you can start processing customers as quickly as possible. This way, you can start seeing a significant return on your investment.

WooCommerce Development

Whether it’s a custom project that you need to have developed or if you’re simply looking to improve an element of your eCommerce site, our development team has the knowledge and experience to execute almost any request.

WooCommerce Installs + Upgrades

Plugins Design Development Installs



We start all of our projects by asking the smart questions—who is your customer and what are they looking for? From there, we analyze the latest trends and gather the necessary data to help inform your development or design project. After collecting the data and building our plan, the Numinix team will work with you to create an effective and attractive website design.


Beyond just the design and the layout of your site, our talented website designers will help guide you to make the best decision for your site including what will provide the best UX for your customers as well as creating stunning and eye-catching graphics to ensure that they return time and again to your site. As you’d expect with any modern website, your site will not just meet mobile-responsive best practices, our skilled team of experts will ensure it exceeds them.


Our web developers bring your projects to life by following a rigorous development process that ensures all code is valid, free of bugs, is clean and compatible with your eCommerce website platform and existing plugins or customizations. Unlike other eCommerce development agencies, our development team will keep you apprised of all the major milestones in your project as well as how close we are to completing it.


We track all of our development changes with GitHub for the versions of your website. This is so that the sites can be instantly deployed from the development stages to your live site through the innovative use of webhooks. This ensures that the deployment stage is seamless and as stress-free as possible for you so that you can focus on continuing to build your eCommerce business.


We don’t believe in just leaving it there though, we truly want to help you grow your eCommerce business long into the future. Our commitment to continuous learning and improving means that you, as our client, can reap the rewards as we analyze the data to see the positive impact of our work on your conversion rates and implement improvements long into the future.


With over a decade of experience designing and developing eCommerce websites, Numinix provides eCommerce web development services for WooCommerce, Shopify, ZenCart, and other major eCommerce platforms. Our skilled eCommerce web developers and programmers have extensive knowledge of user experience and consumer behavior so that your site doesn't just attract an audience, it converts visitors into life-long customers.


We had Numinix design and build our multilingual e-commerce website with a WooCommerce base. We came with only an idea of what we wanted and Numinix brought that idea to life. It was a pleasure working with Jeff and the team. The whole process, from the initial WooCommerce website design to the finishing touches, was extremely well organized and any concerns that I had along the way were immediately addressed. I feel that Numinix genuinely takes pride in the work that they do and they wanted the site to be perfect just as much as I did. As well, their skills on both the design and programming sides were much better than anyone I had worked with before.

S.Daswani - Bonjour Mauritius

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