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To be proficient as a Wordpress developer, you need to have an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in PHP as well as, ideally, knowledge in MySQL databases and how the two communicate. Unfortunately, with Wordpress being one of the most common (and popular) website platforms there are a number of backend developers for Wordpress that simply do not have the experience to know the most efficient ways of implementing your needs.

This often leads to disaster for eCommerce site owners as their website struggles to function with even simple tasks. Leading to them searching again for a professional Wordpress development agency to fix what was broken and implement their project quickly and efficiently.


Wordpress designers are responsible for the styling and the overall look of your new eCommerce website. A Wordpress website designer for e-commerce websites specifically needs to have a keen understanding of user experience and purchasing intent as well as the psychology of shopping online.

Many freelance graphic designers and front end developers will be able to create a beautiful website that doesn’t convert or, occasionally, a high-converting but not aesthetically pleasing website. A Wordpress design agency like Numinix can manage both.


Whether you choose a WooCommerce template or opt for a custom-designed WooCommerce site, your final product will be rich with features. Many of which are mainstays of premium enterprise eCommerce sites. Best of all, your site will be completely responsive and secure so that you can start processing customers as quickly as possible. This way, you can start seeing a significant return on your investment.


Whether it’s a custom project that you need to have developed or if you’re simply looking to improve an element of your eCommerce site, our development team has the knowledge and experience to execute almost any request.

Some of our top development services for WooCommerce sites are:

  • WooCommerce Development Roadmap
    • Comprehensive WooCommerce Site Audit
    • WooCommerce SEO Audit
    • WooCommerce Design Audit
    • WooCommerce Security Audit
  • WooCommerce Speed Optimization
  • WooCommerce Cross-Browser Testing
  • CSS Sprites for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Site Migrations
  • SSL Installations for WooCommerce
  • Custom Development for WooCommerce sites
  • WooCommerce Theme Developers



Hire WooCommerce & Wordpress Experts

Hiring WooCommerce and Wordpress experts can be a tricky task for many business owners. The biggest challenge for small and medium-sized businesses is that they don’t have the internal capacity to actively manage an external agency.

Let alone do this while hitting their annual targets.

This means that many e-commerce website owners have to choose between placing their trust in a WooCommerce and Wordpress developer or stifle their ambitions (and growth) until their P&L shows that they can expand their business.

Neither is an ideal solution.

Blindly trusting a Wordpress developer or designer with the future of your e-commerce website often leads to wasted money, wasted time, and wasted energy.

Instead, you can choose to invest your time, money, and energy wisely.

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