Service Plans

Whether you have a large web development project or need on-going maintenance for your website, Numinix service plans are the best way to guarantee a dedicated developer to your online business and receive a great rate for expert knowledge and advice.

We start by creating a development roadmap: we analyze your website's actual data to determine the best course of action for improving your conversion rates and revenue. Each plan comes with a set amount of hours that are purchased at a discounted price and then used to either complete your existing projects, or work off of the roadmap.

If you don’t see what you need here, no problem. We also offer the ability to set up a custom plan that meets your needs.

Please note hours exceeding the monthly allowance are billable at the plan’s discounted hourly rate. Service hours may be traded in for store credit.

  • Start-Up

    $337 / month
    • 4 service hours / month
    • 6% store discount
    • $84.60 hourly rate
  • Professional

    $650 / month
    • 8 service hours / month
    • 13% store discount
    • $78.30 hourly rate
  • Corporate

    $1,200 / month
    • 17 service hours / month
    • 20% store discount
    • $72.00 hourly rate
  • Enterprise

    $2,200 / month
    • 33 service hours / month
    • 26.67% store discount
    • $66.00 hourly rate
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