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Upgrading your Zen Cart to the latest version can be a difficult and time consuming task. Let our professional programmers make the transition smoothly by ensuring that all of your currently installed modules work with the latest version. We'll update your files and database to the latest version and reinstall and/or update your current Numinix modules and plugins to their latest versions. Third party Zen Cart modules are not included in this upgrade, as not all modules are compatible with the latest version of Zen Cart. Generally we are able to upgrade all plugins in a store in 4 hours billed at our currently hourly rate.

Our pricing is based on your current installation of Zen Cart. The older your version is, the more differences there will be and more file merging required to complete the upgrade. Upgrades can take up to three days and will be completed in a sub-folder of your website before migrating to the root of the website. You can expect your website to be down for maintenance for approximately one to two hours while files are copied to your store's root.

After purchasing the upgrade, a ticket will be opened automatically. We will request credentials to your server and store including your FTP, admin and cPanel information. These details can be securely transmitted via our ticketing system.

Update your Zen Cart to the latest version to take advantage of important security fixes, bug fixes and new features.

Service Policy

Our stated prices for all services are based on the default platform configuration. Any additional work or derivitive tasks generated due to a site's non-default configuration could require additional prepaid programming hours.


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