One Page Responsive Checkout for Zen Cart
  • One Page Responsive Checkout for Zen Cart

One Page Responsive Checkout for Zen Cart

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Zen Cart


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Upgrade your Zen Cart checkout system with a modern layout and functional process that increases your store's conversion rate. One Page Responsive Checkout is packed with features that improve the usability of the checkout process and make it easier for customers to complete purchases on your website, regardless of their device or browser. The responsive CSS makes the checkout transform the dimensions of your website for the perfect layout—whether your customer is searching on a mobile device, a tablet, a desktop, or even a large screen TV.

Using a One Page Checkout module for eCommerce websites is essential to avoid losing customers throughout the checkout process. As mobile devices become more popular for online shopping, consumers demand simple design. Luckily for your eCommerce store, Numinix has developed this one-page checkout module that requires minimal site changes to implement. One Page Responsive Checkouts provide the speed of one-click checkouts without the risk of increased order cancellations. Instead, eCommerce site owners enjoy a higher conversion rate and lower dropoff rates that are commonly associated with traditional multi-page checkout methods.

  • One page checkout
  • Guest checkout
  • Responsive CSS
  • No page reloads (Ajax)
  • Shipping address during registration
  • Login with Facebook
  • Admin configurable
  • Shop with confidence box on all pages of checkout
  • Optional confirm email field on registration
  • Order steps in H1 title
  • Pre-integrated with Gift Wrap module *
  • Pre-integrated with PO Box Ban module *
  • Optional reCaptcha anti-bot registration
  • Optionally store telephone numbers with shipping addresses
  • Supports UTF-8 charset
  • Put the checkout down for maintenance instead of the entire website
  • Set a maintenance schedule for the checkout
  • Track customer checkout steps with Google Analytics
  • Pre-styled for Numinix Responsive Templates

* Pre-integrated means that shared files do not need to be merged. Separate installation required.

Stop losing sales with a confusing checkout system and upgrade your Zen Cart store with One Page Responsive Checkout!


  • Zen Cart Version 1.3.8a, 1.3.9h, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, 1.5.5a, 1.5.5b, 1.5.5c, 1.5.5d, 1.5.5e, 1.5.5f, 1.5.6, 1.5.6a, 1.5.6b, 1.5.6c, 1.5.7, 1.5.7a, 1.5.7b, 1.5.7c, 1.5.8

Version History

3.6.0 Dec 3, 2023
3.5.4 Mar 17, 2023
3.5.3 Jan 3, 2023
3.5.2 Aug 8, 2022


5.0 / 5 (1 review)
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  • Mark Maunders Apr 1, 2015

    Top Module Thanks

    Thanks Numinix for this One Page responsive Checkout. Can't believe how professional this looks and works. We have tried quite a few checkouts in out time and this one is gonna be hard to beat with so much functionality and smoothness. We would of course highly recommend this to any company looking for that one time pro fit all shopping cart. Great stuff :D

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