What are some of the disadvantages of e-commerce shopping and how can they be overcome?

E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop — with almost everything we could possibly need or want available at the click of a button. Needless to say, even the finest, most innovative technologies have their own set of downfalls and dilemmas. So, while you’re probably already well aware of the many advantages of e-commerce shopping,…

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Let’s take a look at the historical timeline of e-commerce

e-commerce history

Everything, including e-commerce, has some form of a historical timeline. That being said, did you know that e-commerce history dates back 50 years? It’s crazy to think that the activity of buying and selling products and services through the use of the internet predates the modern online world. Now that you’re wowed with technological excitement,…

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of uniquecondom.com

e-commerce design and development

With vibrant aesthetics and a user-friendly design, we’re pleased to introduce you to the improved re-design of uniquecondom.com. At Numinix, we’re a proud e-commerce design and development company that believes in taking the opportunity to spread awareness about uniquecondom.com, an innovative business we have had the pleasure of working alongside. So, if you’ve been looking…

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How can you creatively upgrade your e-commerce web design?

web design

A creative, well-organized web design has the overwhelming ability to enhance a user’s experience. An impeccable design immediately draws in potential customers, while playing a key role in developing your brand and incorporating a unique experience for your visitors. So, if your website is too cluttered, out-of-date or lacking a creative edge, you may want…

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6 ways that you can make your website run faster

website speed

There is nothing more frustrating for shoppers and business owners than a super slow webpage. Not only does the speed of your website has the power to determine your sale strength, but it also determines your page views and ad revenue. That being said, if customers become easily annoyed waiting around for each page to…

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