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3 Benefits of Using Landing Pages

landing page benefits

A landing page is a distinct, standalone web page designed with a clear objective in mind. It is purpose-built and features a prominent call-to-action aimed at conversion. Using landing pages strategically offers several key benefits to e-commerce businesses. 1) Landing pages increase conversions Paid traffic is an indispensable marketing tool for online businesses. Whether you […]

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Why Canada’s e-commerce market is booming

For some time, Canada has lagged behind other countries in e-commerce, largely due to the challenge of being able to reach a small population spread over a huge land mass, where many communities are isolated and difficult to ship to.  Canada has also been much slower than other countries to adopt new technologies, with the […]

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Want to rank more highly on Google? Searchmetrics shows you how

New data from Searchmetrics shows that there are certain factors that make some e-commerce sites rank more highly than others. They recently published a retail-specific Google ranking factors document that looks at the top-ranking e-commerce sites and tries to analyze what factors make them rank higher in Google than others. The data highlights the following […]

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