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Numinix Launches Free Automatic Image Optimization Plugin

Thursday, January 18, 2018: Numinix Launches Free Automatic Image Optimization Plugin

Images typically account for the majority of the downloaded bytes on your web pages, and optimizing them can lead to significant performance improvements and increased conversions, which is why we have created our free Automatic Image Optimization Plugin. Our Automatic Image Optimization Plugin seamlessly optimizes your images using the latest PHP libraries to get the […]

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3 Benefits of Using Landing Pages

landing page benefits

A landing page is a distinct, standalone web page designed with a clear objective in mind. It is purpose-built and features a prominent call-to-action aimed at conversion. Using landing pages strategically offers several key benefits to e-commerce businesses. 1) Landing pages increase conversions Paid traffic is an indispensable marketing tool for online businesses. Whether you […]

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Why Canada’s e-commerce market is booming

For some time, Canada has lagged behind other countries in e-commerce, largely due to the challenge of being able to reach a small population spread over a huge land mass, where many communities are isolated and difficult to ship to.  Canada has also been much slower than other countries to adopt new technologies, with the […]

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