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Top 10 plugins by eCommerce platform

Whether you’re building a website from the ground up or revamping a current design to align with your growing marketing, it’s important to ensure that the technological advancements on your website improve your customer experience as much as they help your sales, conversions, and brand awareness. While each ecommerce platform possesses its own advantages, it’s…

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How to build an online store that customers will love

Zen Cart web development

Shopping from the comforts of your home is one of the greatest feats of the 21st-century and while it’s convenient and innovative for the customers perusing through search engines, it can be challenging to keep up with the times if you’re an e-commerce business owner. With so many new Zen Cart web developments on the…

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Why do people use Zen Cart over other e-commerce platforms?

zen cart web development

Developing an e-commerce website comes with a lot of business decisions — deciding on your domain name, cultivating a brand theme and finding a professional programmer to do all the work. Although, from our experience, selecting an e-commerce and website hosting platform, to integrate innovative plugins and handle the payment processing, will probably prove to…

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How far does the history of these 4 open-source platforms go?

open-source e-commerce platforms

While the historical timeline of e-commerce dates back over 50 years, open-source e-commerce platforms are still a relatively new and expanding technology. Yet, since the growth of online businesses is constantly increasing, open-source e-commerce platforms are quickly improving their adaptive usage and performance abilities to adhere to the progressive shift. Although there are quite a…

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