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Announcing the launch of

We are excited to announce the launch of Redline Engineering’s newly designed website, Our goal with this lively redesign was to create a progressive layout with a magnetic, comprehensible browsing experience for their valued customers. At Numinix, we’re a proud e-commerce design and development company that believes in taking the opportunity to spread awareness…

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What’s the difference between web design and web development?

e-commerce business

When you begin making the steps towards launching an e-commerce business, there are a lot of things to consider in terms of web design and web development. While these terms are virtually interchangeable, the truth is that both expressions reference two fundamentally different aspects of the website building process and each requires a unique set…

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E-commerce fraud schemes that shoppers should be aware of

e-commerce fraud

As an e-commerce business owner, you and your team are constantly faced with the need to juggle multiple tasks at once. Whether it be quality control of your products, customer service, keeping up-to-date with your SEO or simply managing your social media accounts, it’s a constant, ongoing battle of busyness. Needless to say, one of…

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E-Commerce fulfillment: What process does an order undergo before making it to your doorstep?

e-commerce fulfillment

The world of e-commerce is constantly growing, evolving and shifting consumer expectations. When it comes to the cost and speed of shipping, what once took weeks to receive, and many dollars to send can now make it to your doorstep within two-days thanks to mega retail giants like Amazon Prime. Naturally, this means that browsing…

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