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How COVID-19 is making cyber security a necessity

Cyber security, also known as computer security or information technology security, is the protection of computer systems and networks from theft or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as a safeguard against any disruptions or misdirection from the services that they provide. For all too many online businesses, it’s not until…

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Logical Position

Trek Marketing logo - the alternative to Logical Position SEO Agency

Logical Position SEO Agency Logical Position is an SEO agency and digital marketing agency based out of the United States. They have nine offices including three in Oregon as well as other states including Nevada, Illinois, and Texas. Much like our sister company, Trek Marketing, Logical Position aims to help clients succeed in Search Engine…

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Web design or web development? What’s the difference?

e-commerce business

Often interchangeable terms, website design and website development are two fundamental aspects of your website building process. Although these job titles are used fluidly in conversation, they’re actually two very unique skill sets that offer an e-commerce business a very different essential service. Now, let’s find out why it’s important for e-commerce business owners to…

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All Http Sites Are Now Being Marked as ‘Not Secure’ by Google Chrome

Google Chrome Security

Google Chrome security has recently stepped up its game and marked all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’. As part of moving towards a more protected web, Google hopes that this strong avocation will be enough to persuade all sites to eventually adopt the HTTPS encryption. HTTPS encryption protects the channel that exists between your browser…

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