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How-to Include Linked Products in Zen Cart’s Salemaker Sales

Originally Zen Cart was written to support linked products in Salemaker. However, the original code was buggy and in version 1.3.9h the core Zen Cart developers decided to restrict salemaker to master category IDs. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a simple workaround to get linked products working again with Salemaker. Just follow the simple steps […]

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Zen Cart Announces Potential Security Breaches

Zen Cart has recently announced the discovery of some potential security vulnerabilities in Zen Cart V1.5.4. The vulnerabilities found may include arbitrary uploads and code execution for admin logged users only and non-critical information leak. These are likely to exist in previous versions as well. We are applying the necessary security patches automatically for all […]

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Leave the Reloading to the Cowboys

Reloading is slow and can kill conversions. One Page Responsive Checkout (OPRC) is just what it sounds like: the entire checkout process occurs on one page, with a modern layout and functional process that can increase your store’s conversion rate. OPRC is packed with features that improve the usability of the checkout process and make […]

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