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How to run a successful eCommerce business Part 3: Scaling Vs. Growth, Automation, and Integrations

Since we’ve established that the commencement of an eCommerce business requires a multitude of niche research, financial resources, and professional web development to get it off the ground and running, the final phase in this three-part series will discuss the elements of scaling and growing, automation, and online integrations. So, if you’re one of the…

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Help your clients know you better with the ultimate FAQ plugin

Numinix’s Zen Cart FAQ module lets you create, organize, and publicize your FAQs in no time! Taking a simple idea and developing it into a hot-selling plugin, Numinix is providing e-commerce businesses with the power to provide immediate feedback and satisfaction to their shoppers. While there are many Zen Cart FAQ modules on the market, none…

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Why do people use Zen Cart over other e-commerce platforms?

zen cart web development

Developing an e-commerce website comes with a lot of business decisions — deciding on your domain name, cultivating a brand theme and finding a professional programmer to do all the work. Although, from our experience, selecting an e-commerce and website hosting platform, to integrate innovative plugins and handle the payment processing, will probably prove to…

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