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How can you utilize your web design to draw in new customers?

web design

There are many things that a website designer considers before they can create a site that will catch the interest, and the eyes, of potential customers. While there are elements that need to be included within the layout in order to enhance enthusiasm — information about your brand, high-resolution graphs and enticing product descriptions —…

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These 3 e-commerce strategies that can help you grow your business

e-commerce business strategies

Operating an e-commerce business comes with its own set of triumphs and challenges. While building a brand can often be a difficult, costly feat, once established they can quickly become effortless endeavors. Needless to say, part of the difficulties within the operation is learning about which tactics and techniques establish your businesses’ longevity. So, here…

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Announcing the launch of redlinestands.com

We are excited to announce the launch of Redline Engineering’s newly designed website, redlinestands.com. Our goal with this lively redesign was to create a progressive layout with a magnetic, comprehensible browsing experience for their valued customers. At Numinix, we’re a proud e-commerce design and development company that believes in taking the opportunity to spread awareness…

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