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3 Benefits of Numinix Service Plans: Outsourcing with Professionalism and Excellence

Numinix_Service_Plans_Benefits_Outsourcing_Professionalism_ExcellenceEvery e-commerce store owner who uses Zen Cart as their platform is all too familiar with the frustration of finding a professional Zen Cart development company.  Our industry is seemingly riddled either with “companies” who pop up overnight and disappear the next week, or with well-meaning individuals who have taken on Zen Cart development as a side-job, but are not able to deliver the goods…after they have taken someone’s money.

As an e-commerce store owner you simply have one aim:  to run a great online experience that sells a great product or idea you truly believe in.  The development and maintenance of your site is not your primary concern, as a small business owner.  But it is definitely one of the most important concerns…and too important to put in the hands of a company or individual who does not understand your situation, your customer base, or your business vision.

As a small business owner, you know that outsourcing your e-commerce web development needs is definitely the best direction to head.  But what do you do when your business has become the victim of someone who is not dependable, does not return phone calls, does not reply to messages, and does not respond in a timely fashion to your urgent needs and site issues?   Where else can you turn in an industry where “companies” in one country subcontract to other “companies” in other countries, who then subcontract to individuals in yet another country?  No wonder it takes so long for your development requests to be completed!

You can turn to Numinix!  Numinix is your one-stop shop outsourcing vendor offering the opportunity to form a solid business relationship with a development manager with whom you may speak weekly on the phone regarding your present needs and future goals.  And not only that, but Numinix employs individuals, and not companies, who strictly work for you and do not subcontract their work to other companies or individuals in other parts of the world.  Any overseas team members with Numinix have been vetted and have developed a solid working relationship with Numinix for several years, allowing you to move forward in confidence with a one-stop shop.

This reliable, personal, friendly approach to web development is especially enjoyed by those who are Subscription service customers.  Numinix Service Plans offer a variety of services and products created exclusively for e-commerce business owners, from custom programming to website design.  Our industry-leading development roadmap provides an outline of services for each of our five affordable Service Plans, all of which come with a weekly phone consult with a Service Plan Manager to chart your path ahead.

If you’re going to outsource your e-commerce web development, do it with professionalism and excellence!  Don’t let your business be subject another day to the unreliability of most other outsourcing vendors. Let Numinix be your one-stop shop for all your Zen Cart needs through a Service Plan that can fit almost any small business budget!

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