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4 Benefits of Effective Social Media Management


It’s a time saver

Social media gives the reader bite-sized chunks of information quickly and easily, but has the added expectation of having to provide constant updates. Using social media management tools effectively helps avoid a time and labour-intensive posting process by allowing us to schedule posts in advance at your convenience. But try not to schedule more than a week in advance to keep content fresh and relevant!

You can target your audience

Taking advantage of features like Twitter and Facebook interest lists whereby you create groups based on interests or topics relevant to your brand, are great ways of curating content. Examples might include a list for clients, and a list of people regularly using a particular hashtag. A great tip is to go through lists and retweet, or respond to users within certain lists.

It gives you a good overview of your strengths and weaknesses

Tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow you to organize social media channels by ‘streams’ or ‘columns’ like mentions by other users, retweets, or scheduled posts. Looking at criteria such as these gives a good idea of areas needing more work. For example, whether you have enough posts or tweets scheduled, or whether there are any conversations which might be beneficial to jump in on.

It avoids the hassle of logging into multiple platforms

Using the example of Hootsuite again, using social media management tools effectively means you can control all your channels at the click of a button. Hootsuite allows you to post to multiple channels simultaneously, thereby avoiding the need to login to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ on a daily basis.

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