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Amazon Go may change the way we shop


If you’re someone that hates line-ups, Amazon’s latest app may be the answer to all of your prayers. The ecommerce giant is aiming to cut out checkout lines at the grocery store with ‘Amazon Go’, a new technology that charges customers for items they purchase as they walk out the door.

This new app has the potential to make in-store shopping almost as fast as online shopping, completely changing the way we shop.

Using computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor technology, Amazon Go requires shoppers to scan QR codes on their phones as they enter the store. Then, as they shop, their items will be added to a ‘virtual shopping cart’ (the same as many e-commerce businesses use on their sites). After they are done shopping, they can leave the store without paying for items, and Amazon will charge them later.

Although the technology is currently only available to Amazon employees, they are hoping to open it to the public early next year. This technology follows on from new systems like ‘Apple Pay’, which although has taken time for retailers to adopt, is now extremely popular.

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