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Fulfillment by Numinix Announces Trebuchet Delivery

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Last Updated on Apr 1, 2020 by Numinix Developer

Because Every Person’s Home is their Castle

As e-commerce specialists, we’re constantly looking for innovative solutions to complex problems of modern supply chains. It’s a well-known fact that customers expecting their products faster than ever and using drones in dense cities is a privacy nightmare. Well, Fulfillment by Numinix looked deep into our history and found this forward-thinking delivery solution. Introducing Trebuchet Delivery.

Our catapult system solves four of the largest issues with modern courier services.

  • A very low environmental impact
  • The method of delivery saves time
  • Doesn’t invade privacy
  • Allows for social distancing

Get in touch today to sign up to either receive your products by our trebuchet delivery or to ship your products with our innovative shipping solution.

Oh, and happy April 1st.

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