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Protect your ecommerce site with these easy steps

Last Updated on Nov 14, 2016 by Emma Gibbins

Setting up and maintaining an ecommerce site isn’t easy, and keeping your site safe is one of the main concerns for ecommerce entrepreneurs. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways ecommerce business owners can protect their online stores from hacking fraud and copycats.

Use a trusted ecommerce platform

Using a platform such as BigCommerce, Magneto or Shopify to build your ecommerce store means that you’re paying for people to help you build and host your store, as well as receiving the added benefit of security. Using a platform like this will help you to avoid security issues and means issues are found and taken care of before they become a much larger problem.

Keep your site updated

Ensuring your website and backend software are updated with the latest security software is one of the simplest ways an ecommerce business can take towards stopping hackers, who will often use automated web crawlers to look for unprotected sites.

Trademark the name and logo of your company

To ensure that no one else can use your company name and logo. Registering your company name as a trademark will protect you against people who want to copy that name or want to steal or capitalize on your brand. As long as you are protected by law, you can sit safe in the knowledge that no one can legally steal your idea or jeopardize the future of your ecommerce store.

Don’t choose obvious passwords

When choosing a password for your site entrance, make sure it’s as difficult for others to guess as possible, for example, by using randomized non-words containing capital letters, symbols and numbers. You should also make sure you change your passwords at least once every six months to give your site maximum protection against hackers.

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