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Introducing Wal-Mart’s New E-Commerce Venture: ‘Store No 8’

Wal-Mart have announced plans to launch a new venture, ‘Store No. 8’, which will operate as a Silicon Valley incubator, housing startups wholly owned by Wal-Mart but run independently. This is part of Wal-Mart’s e-commerce strategy under the new leadership of Jet.com owner, Marc Lore, whose e-commerce store Wal-Mart recently purchased. Other e-commerce stores recently…

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The Missing Link to Increasing Your Ecommerce Profits

According to a recent Foresee marketing report, customer satisfaction is one of the most powerful strategies to increase sales and word-of-mouth recommendations. A high level of customer satisfaction creates loyal followers of a brand’s products and breeds long term customers. According to the survey, while Netflix dropped some points from last year, along with Amazon…

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