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Jenna Scaglione is a writer, editor, and a slightly coupon crazed, healthy eating obsessed, lover of family, friends and life. Jenna has a Bachelors degree from Dowling College and a background in the chemical sciences. Following her passions, she became a writer and an internet marketer and enjoys learning, growing and discovering the newest and latest trends on the internet. Crowned "Lady Content", she lives in sunny Socal where she helps her clients around the nation increase brand awareness on the internet through content, marketing and social media.

5 Tips to Improve Customer Communication in a Virtual Environment

What is the foundation of every successful relationship? If you said, “communication,” you got it exactly right. Communication is the key to success for any type of relationship, whether friends, spouses, or parent and child—and the customer-vendor relationship is no different. If you want to boost your success, you must examine your communication with your…

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Tips to Reducing Ecommerce Inventory Costs

Inventory management – It’s a love-hate relationship. You NEED it to remain organized but it cuts into efficiency and company growth strategies. What’s an Ecommerce store to do? For one, reducing inventory costs is essential. When you learn how to reduce inventory costs, you will free up time and resources essential to maintaining your growth….

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