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The Hidden Opportunity in Abandoned Shopping Carts

Shopping cart abandonment rates exceed 60% for many Ecommerce retailers. The dreaded abandonment can seem like a dead end, but in actuality it creates untapped potential for online stores to scoop up more profits. A recent Listrak study revealed that only 14.6% of the Top 100 Ecommerce retailers send emails to recover sales from abandoned […]

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Are you Losing or Gaining Profits with your Product Recommendations?

As an eCommerce retailer, your main goal is to create a rewarding experience for your customers. One method to help create this experience is to offer product recommendations. Product recommendations signal to your customers that you care enough to display to them additional products they may like or any related products they would need to […]

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The Case of the Missing Product Page SEO – How to Steal the Bulk of your Market

Though search engine optimization is most likely a part of your eCommerce online marketing strategy, are you really utilizing it to its full potential? Maybe you mastered SEO…maybe you are just learning…either way, it’s an important component of your marketing strategy and you should continue to expand its use to every page of your store. […]

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