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New e-commerce software development customized by Numinix

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We’re excited to announce that we have been working on developing a new, innovative platform technology that will allow you to better serve your online customers. The Numinix team has been pouring countless hours into creating an e-commerce software that has a faster solution than Zen Cart and is more customizable than Shopify. The best…

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E-Commerce Platform Comparison: WooCommerce vs. Zen Cart

E-Commerce Platform Comparison: WooCommerce vs Zen Cart

Online retailers have an abundance of platforms available to them for their e-commerce needs. With so many options at their fingertips, entrepreneurs who are either starting up new businesses or revamping existing ones may find it difficult to narrow their selection to just one when considering all the choices available. They all have a plethora…

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5 Features to Consider When Selecting An E-Commerce Platform for Your Online Store

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According to Satista, e-commerce is projected to generate approximately 653 billion US dollars in global retail sales in 2018. Since an increasing number of entrepreneurs are turning to online businesses rather than investing in their more capital-intensive brick-and-mortar counterparts, partly as a result of such promising estimates, choosing a suitable e-commerce platform has become one…

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