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How can you redesign your website to increase traffic?

web design

There are plenty of things that you need to consider when you’re thinking of revamping your web design, especially if your top goal is to increase your website traffic. In terms of e-commerce, it’s incredibly important to keep up with the pace of the industry. That means in order to compete in the digital world,…

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3 plugins that every website needs

e-commerce plugins

E-commerce plugins are an important addition to every online operation. Whether you’re using your website as a platform to sell an innovative product or advertise an exclusive service, plugins are the feature that powers your website to function well and provides responsive navigation. How do plugins perform, you ask? Well, they’re basically extended pieces of…

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Things to consider when planning an e-commerce order fulfillment strategy

e-commerce order fulfillment strategy

If you’re planning to grow your business then you’re going to want to look over and possibly revamp your e-commerce order fulfillment strategy. After all, it’s important to carefully plan all the necessary processes that you’ll need to upgrade in order to successfully complete your customer’s purchase requests. So, let’s dive head-on into some of…

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E-commerce fraud schemes that shoppers should be aware of

e-commerce fraud

As an e-commerce business owner, you and your team are constantly faced with the need to juggle multiple tasks at once. Whether it be quality control of your products, customer service, keeping up-to-date with your SEO or simply managing your social media accounts, it’s a constant, ongoing battle of busyness. Needless to say, one of…

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How far does the history of these 4 open-source platforms go?

open-source e-commerce platforms

While the historical timeline of e-commerce dates back over 50 years, open-source e-commerce platforms are still a relatively new and expanding technology. Yet, since the growth of online businesses is constantly increasing, open-source e-commerce platforms are quickly improving their adaptive usage and performance abilities to adhere to the progressive shift. Although there are quite a…

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