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“I’m no Charlie Sheen” – 4 YouTube Optimization Tips

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Charlie Sheen is not the only person capable of making waves on the internet and creating “buzz”. Aside from his “winning” personality, there are other concepts that can go viral and help to build your brand on the internet.  YouTube is one of the top websites on the internet with millions of users worldwide. It’s a goldmine waiting to happen.

YouTube VideosBefore you start uploading your videos to YouTube, you should be aware of some information. Though YouTube has amazing potential, if you don’t utilize it correctly, you will spend hours of wasted time. Just because millions of users visit YouTube on a daily basis does not mean they will come running to your video.

1)      Make it Impactful

You have the first five seconds of a video to capture the viewer’s attention. If you start the video with a picture of you and your dog at the park, it may not create the buzz you want (unless of course you are creating the video for dog owners who bring their dogs to the park… but that’s still questionable).

Add a creative element; something out of the box. Catch your viewers off guard and compel them to continue watching.

2)      Keep them targeted

Keep the video targeted to your specific market. Your reason for creating the video is to eventually gain more sales. If you get a lot of attention for your video, but the attention has nothing to do with the products and services you sell, you will be left with a lot of attention…and that’s it. Combine creativity with the desires of the people whom you target in your industry.

3)      More is not necessarily better

You know how you start watching an interview with Charlie Sheen and it seemed interesting in the beginning but after a while it just gets old? Your videos follow the same line of thinking. Even if you captivate your viewers in the first 5 seconds, it does not mean you will keep them for the duration. The ideal video length is about 2 minutes. Too short, you will lose them…too long, you will lose them again. Make sure to get it just right.

4)      Optimize your Videos

Add keyword rich titles and tags and include a call to action in the description. Don’t make the calls to action sales pitches, but tell people what you want them to do next. People need instruction, so make sure to give it to them.  You can further optimize your videos by creating a link building campaign around the same keywords in your title and tags to spread the word. If the videos are creative enough, this “buzz” will happen naturally.

You don’t have to be Charlie Sheen to get attention online. You just need to think outside of the box and put your creative hat on. Stay targeted and optimize properly. Creating a “winning” video is not as hard as you may think.


2 thoughts on ““I’m no Charlie Sheen” – 4 YouTube Optimization Tips

  1. While those four points are “winning” 🙂 Sometimes you just have to go off in a fifth direction and get a little weird. Experiment, have ball!! After all Youtube was not meant to be a marketing tool, it was meant for fun. Youtube is for the little guys with wild imagination,but without the big “Hollywood” budget. 🙂

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