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3 Ecommerce Traffic-Boosting Strategies

Last Updated on Mar 5, 2013 by Numinix Developer

money 2As webmasters, it’s easy to feel as if all of our traffic has dried up making it impossible to increase our numbers and profits.

But, all is not lost—there exists many streams of traffic and methods to enlarge your current strategies if you know where to look.

Have you tried any of these?

1. Blogging

I know you may be thinking that blogging is not a new strategy, so why am I mentioning it? Blogging is still an untapped ecommerce stream of traffic because many store owners either do not see the need for blogging or fail to maintain the blog effectively.

Here are some problems:

  • Lack of posting
  • No response to comments
  • Content is sub-par
  • No thought to optimizing for keywords

If you run an Ecommerce blog and you are guilty of any one of these, you will not experience the traffic you could. Post at least once a week. If you are too busy, request guest posts from qualified writers who are willing to write for your blog in exchange for putting a link to their web property in the content.

Don’t forget to engage and respond to the people visiting and talking on your blog. When you talk back, you make your visitors stickier—they will remain on your site longer. Additionally, create content your customers would love, not just tolerate. Research your industry and find out what problems your customers face. Use these questions/issues as creative inspiration for your blog posts.

Find some long-tail keywords and build blog posts around them. Over time, as you build the blog, you will notice traffic from these long-tail searches which will add up to a sizable amount of new visitors.

2. Google Analytics

When is the last time you looked at your Google Analytics? Did you know you can discover hidden traffic opportunities?

Take a look at what keywords are bringing you traffic. Use some of them to create blog posts, videos, or more focused content on your website.

What sites are bringing you traffic? Who are your referrals? Consider expanding your presence on sites that are directing good traffic to you. For example, if you notice a lot of traffic coming from a guest blog, focus more of your efforts on that site since the audience may like what you offer.

3. Social Media

Remember the Pinterest craze? The social site is a great marketing tool, not just because it is a great platform, but also because images are synonymous with Ecommerce products.

However, Pinterest’s success should not cause a company like a brake pad manufacturer to flock to the site to acquire traffic. Why? Because auto shops in the market for brake pads are not hanging out on Pinterest looking for images. The platform doesn’t suit this type of business.

It’s a common misconception to think you should be on every social media site on the web so you never miss out on traffic opportunities. But, what if your customers are only on two social sites, not five? Would you spend time with a customer wanting shoes if you sell cologne? Sure, they may eventually need or want cologne but they are not your IDEAL customer. Ensure every minute and hour you spend marketing is used wisely. If your ideal customers aren’t on a particular social site, don’t waste your time.

Boost your traffic by investing your resources on the sites where your customers and potential customers hang out, and reduce your investment on the social sites that are time-wasters.

Do you have any more traffic boosting tips?

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