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3 essential web development features for a jewelry business

Last Updated on Jul 29, 2022 by Numinix Developer

While jewelry is becoming a popular, customizable commodity, many purchasers still prefer the experience and service they receive when they walk into a physical store. So, if you want to encourage them to carry out their purchases through your e-commerce shop instead, you’ll need some professional web development features that really grab their attention. While selling jewelry online can prove to be tricky, the key to building an e-commerce store lies with the ability to offer a similar customer encounter. This means that if you want to spark a good-natured impression for your brand, you’ll need to be helpful and professional, while also offering shoppers a detailed experience that will allow them to feel as special as they would within the walls of a brick and mortar business. 

A great website

While an eye-catching design complete with colourful, professional graphics is an admirable way to allure the general public, there’s more to a great website then the way it looks. 

High-quality jewelry brands that are looking for ways to increase their online conversions should consider how the navigation and functionality of their website works in favour of the shopper. These primary performance features can make or break a prospecting customer’s first impression when they arrive on the website’s homepage, and if the layout is slow with a range of components that lack operational efficiency, it’s much easier for the shopper to backtrack their search and find another jewelry website that’s easier for them to use. 

Inventory software 

As your business grows and expands the days of using spreadsheets as your inventory management system are over! In fact, an automated solution can track and keep your backlog information up-to-date and will often be one of the many features that will take your company affairs to the next level.

If you own a jewelry business, inventory software helps to assort and label each jewelry piece, allowing you to manage specific qualities like materials, sizes, finishes, product inventory, and pricing. Having this full data visibility streamlined right to your admin account will allow you to effectively use your time and can also assist you in accounting for your business sales and tracking items that are your best sellers. 

Offer multiple, secure payment options 

Another professional web development feature that has the power to increase online conversions is an improved website payment system. By offering customers multiple payment options you’re covering all bases and assuring every party can carry out their purchases. Alongside payment plugin development, you’ll also want to improve your payment security. Shoppers build a trusted relationship with your brand knowing their personal information and credit card details are secure. So, in addition to improving their jewelry purchasing experience, you’re also protecting them from potential fraud. 

What other professional web development features should a website selling jewelry have? Drop a comment below if you can think of another suggestion. 


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