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3 plugins that every website needs

e-commerce plugins

Last Updated on Oct 24, 2019 by Numinix Developer

e-commerce plugins

E-commerce plugins are an important addition to every online operation. Whether you’re using your website as a platform to sell an innovative product or advertise an exclusive service, plugins are the feature that powers your website to function well and provides responsive navigation. How do plugins perform, you ask? Well, they’re basically extended pieces of code that can be added to a website in order to create specific functions such as, social media sharing buttons, spam filters for your comments sections, search engine optimization tools and even a photo gallery scrolling feature. Although there is a vast amount of choices in terms of e-commerce plugins, do you know which should basically be mandatory for your business webpage?

An SSL Certificate Setup

For those of you who don’t know, an SSL certificate is an e-commerce plugin that creates a connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser that is secured through encryption. This means that the private information that your customers input into your websites, such as contact and credit card details, will be transmitted safely and securely to your organization without the need to worry about eavesdropping, data tampering or message forgery. So, as a business owner, when you choose to install an SSL certificate, you’re telling your customers that you care about keeping them secure, which develops a bond of trust within your brand. After all, it isn’t uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable carrying out purchases on websites that do not contain an SSL certification.

An SEO plugin

Implementing an SEO plugin is an asset to any e-commerce webpage because it allows your business profile to become more optimized and therefore, more searchable on various online search engines. An SEO plugin will allow you to add meta descriptions, which is a section that you can use to describe your products using relevant keywords in the industry, and when organically searched on an online search engine allows potential customers to find your products. Finding your way to a top-ranking spot on Google is achievable will the right amount of SEO optimized content, so, utilize this plugin to establish authority with your niche.  

A social networking plugin

If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your website, a social networking plugin should be an essential element in your web development strategy. When you integrate your website, including your informative blog, you’re able to improve your search engine ranking and bridge extra access to your online business. Social networking plugins encourage social shares of your products across various social channels, tracks follower counts, possess the ability to amplify your content and increases traffic from social accounts to your website. So, if you’re hoping to increase the traction that is seen on your page, and in turn increase your conversion rates, maybe investing in this e-commerce plugin and your social media strategy is the right way to go!

Which e-commerce plugins are a must-have for your business webpage? Drop a comment in the section below for a discussion.

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