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4 reasons your website is holding back business and how to fix them

Last Updated on Jul 28, 2022 by Numinix Developer

Ensuring that you have a strong digital infrastructure is a fancy way of saying that your website’s performance is a direct reflection of your business. By today’s standards, consumers expect a fast-loading site and a smooth user experience, which is why it’s important to invest in quality when you hire the professionals that will be managing your site. That being said, there may be some common reasons that visitors are reluctant to spend time on your website, and here are four that we’ve commonly noticed. 

1. Your website may possess sloppy code

Often when websites are underperforming it’s because the business owner took free code that they found online or because they hired an inexperienced web developer. Your web application development should be clean, and when creating a website from the ground up, professional developers know that it’s best to start with minimalistic code to avoid loading delays and compress extra-large files into smaller bits.   

In many situations, our developers find extra lines of code where less experienced developers took shortcuts to make the job cheaper and faster for the client. Needless to say, these timesavers translate to costly fixes for the clients as the website grows and the online infrastructure weakens due to increased traffic.

2. Your website might have too many plugins or modules

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used to build up a website for a first-time business owner and the biggest reason is that many of the plugins available are free of charge. That said, just because they’re free, doesn’t mean that you should install them all, as this adds extra lines of code, decelerating your website and increasing its redirects. 

Decluttering plugins is a common task that Numinix web developers find themselves working on with many new clients, as they’re focused on creating websites that are built for speed performance

3. Your website’s images are not compressed

By far one of the most common reasons why your website is holding you back is by having an abundance of large images that are not properly compressed. While images are undeniably a major element of all websites, when the files are not compressed, your website will lag and possibly deter visitors from purchasing. Without an image optimization plugin rendering the full sizes of each file, major delays will result in reduced conversion rates and revenue loss. Keep in mind that compression also allows browsing across both desktops and mobile devices, processing the images faster and displaying them in seconds upon the viewer’s click.

4. Your website isn’t in use of a content delivery network (CDN)

When your companies’ website sits on a server in Canada, and someone is trying to access your site from the United States, there is going to be a slight delay while the server renders the website to that user’s browser. However, a content delivery network (CDN) utilizes worldwide servers, which lessens the distance between users and servers rendering the website. This web application development will drastically speed up the load time, making it easier for you as an end-user to buffer your content.

For those that may not know, popular streaming services like YouTube and Netflix use CDN to make multiple copies of their library content, saved in a variety of sizes, formats, and places, located strategically around the world. This ensures optimal delivery for all clients and speedy load times. 

CDNS are affordable and can be upgraded as your website traffic and general revenue increases over time. 

What did you learn about your business website that you didn’t know before reading the above article? Drop a comment below to share.

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