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4 Steps to Improve Your Checkout Process

Last Updated on Apr 8, 2013 by Jenna Scaglione

add to cartThe checkout process is one of the most overlooked areas of an Ecommerce website, yet it is one of the most important for conversion optimization. Small changes to a store’s checkout sequence can equate to big rewards for businesses who will take the time to make the necessary adjustments.

How well is your checkout process converting? Check your Analytics, or implement user testing programs to determine where your customers are leaving the site. Is it the registration page? The purchase page? Before they even add items to the cart?

Once you have a better idea of where and why your customers are leaving, use this information to optimize your checkout.

Have you made any of the below mistakes? Check out some of these top optimization tips to improve your checkout process.

1. Mobile Optimization

Check your analytics to determine what percentage of users visit your site from a mobile device. If the number is significant, you could be losing customers because your site is not optimized for a mobile audience.

A mobile user will want information fast and easy without the need to pinch and scroll on the screen. A responsive website will make your user’s mobile experience richer and increase your overall conversions.

2. Security and Related Badges

This one goes without saying, but you would be surprised by how many store owners do not display the proper number of badges to build customer trust.  Remember that the online experience is much different than the physical shopping experience where customers can feel products and interact with staff. When online, consumers are skeptical the moment they arrive on your website.

Add security logos as well as payment options and any positive ratings from the BBB. Do you belong to any professional organizations? Display these badges also. The more you can instill confidence, the more your customers will feel you are reputable which will make them more comfortable opening their wallets.

3. Unnecessary User Registration

User registration is helpful but it shouldn’t be a necessary step for customers to complete a purchase. You will turn away a large percentage of customers by making registration mandatory.

Though you may want to gather data from your customers, the people on your site are only thinking about how they can complete their transaction as easy and fast as possible. Try prompting users to create an account to save their information after they complete the checkout process. By using copy such as “save your information to check the status of your order” or similar wording that shows customers the value of creating an account, you may be able to acquire more data.

4. Shipping Costs

One of the biggest questions people ask when checking out is what they will pay for shipping. Customers may abandon a cart if they cannot access the information immediately after adding an item to the cart. Imagine your customer reaches the end of the checkout process only to discover the shipping costs are more than expected—this is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided.

Reveal the shipping costs to your customers before they proceed to the checkout process so they know what to expect. The less surprises; the higher the conversions.

Want to get started optimizing your cart right now? Take a look at the checkout modules Numinix offers for Zencart and start improving your conversions quickly and easily.

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