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6 Types of Online Shoppers

6 Types of Online Shoppers

Last Updated on Oct 31, 2019 by Numinix Developer

6 Types of Online Shoppers

As e-commerce marketers, understanding the behavior and motivations of online shoppers is essential to tailoring their experience and increasing conversions. According to a study analyzing online user behavior and decision-making processes released by Clicktale, buyers tend to fall into the following six categories.

1) The Wish Lister

This type of customer loves to browse online stores and Pinterest boards, daydreaming about items that they want to purchase, but can’t quite afford. Notorious for having high shopping cart abandonment rates, the Wish Lister often adds highly-coveted items to their list but doesn’t complete the purchase. E-commerce sites can encourage this type of shopper to complete their purchase by providing a special discount on a subsequent visit, motivating them to take immediate action rather than delaying the purchase for a future time or indefinitely.

2) The Brand-Oriented Visitor

This type of shopper values being up to date with the newest trends and is heavily influenced by brand names. An impulse buyer at heart, the Brand-Oriented Visitor cares more about making an emotional connection with the product rather than getting the lowest price. They enjoy interacting with the product, for instance, selecting and visualizing multiple color, pattern and design options and imagining the satisfaction of owning it. Too much detailed product information may interfere with or cause them to second-guess their decision, so instead, allow them to engage with the product, and make it as easy as possible for them to buy.

3) The Rational Visitor

This type of shopper devours information online, especially that which helps them compare multiple alternatives to find the best deal. Unlike the emotional Brand-Oriented shopper, the Rational Visitor is logical and relies primarily on facts and numbers, including pricing. Providing all relevant and detailed information up front and allowing them to compare products and features can help speed up their decision-making process and encourage purchase.

4) The Maximizer

This type of shopper is similar to the Rational Visitor, who is logical and makes calculated purchase decisions. While the Rational Visitor compares multiple options, the Maximizer may compare every single choice, to the point of losing sleep and feeling anxious about their purchase options. The Maximizer is on a mission to find the best bargain that’s out there, even if it means reading through every product listing. E-commerce websites can influence their purchase decision by limiting the number of options available, for example, filtering the “Top 10” choices to facilitate the purchase decision.

5) The Satisficer

This type of shopper is easily pleased and not picky. When shopping online, they value a quick and uncomplicated experience. They usually set a few requirements, and once they find a product that meets their criteria, they are likely to stop researching and purchase the product. E-commerce businesses can increase conversions by providing the Satisficer with filters that enable them to quickly review products based on their criteria, be it price, features, or color.

6) The Hesitator

Plagued by second-thoughts, this type of buyer, as its namesake describes, hesitates to click the final “purchase” button. The Hesitator adds items to their list, similar to the Wish-Lister, but unlike the latter who does so motivated by the idea of owning the products in the future, the former shops out of necessity. E-commerce businesses can encourage conversion by providing the Hesitator with incentives such as rewards and discounts and positive wording to reassure them of their choice.

What strategies has your e-commerce business used to encourage conversions on your website? Share them with us by sending us a tweet.

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