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7 things to consider when designing and developing a new website

Last Updated on Jul 28, 2022 by Numinix Developer

There are so many different things to consider when it comes to the integrity of your website. With everything from functionality and appearance in mind, many elements require a professional web development company to stimulate future conversions. That said, before you decide where to put your budget, here are seven examples to guide you through the process. 

Your domain and host

While it’s important to select a domain name that accurately reflects your brand, it should also be memorable and easy to spell to avoid missing out on potential traffic. Finding the right domain name involves incorporating search engine optimization (SEO), simplistic spelling, and brand identity to create something that can be easily located on search queries. 

In terms of hosting packages, it’s essential to consider the nature of your business before selecting your provider. For example, do you need a media-rich website with loads of pictures or videos? Do you have someone who can assist you with technical support in-house? How much traffic can your website support? All of these questions should be considered when determining if a hosting company can offer your website the right scalable solutions over time. After you’ve asked the above questions, don’t be afraid to also inquire about backup, security, and other additional features before making your final decision. 

Backend services

It’s pretty much impossible for you to develop a high-performing website if your backend isn’t functioning properly, which is why we recommend that you allow a professional web development company to handle this aspect of your website build. In the world of websites, backend development equates to the moving parts of your website that make up the user experience. Without strong backend services, your website will lack the wow factor that will encourage visitors to purchase your products and services. Backend developers can also assist in which e-commerce “engine” would work best for your business. 

Clean design and colour scheme

Once the website is functioning properly, the next most important element is a clean, appealing design. After all, you can’t expect customers to find what they’re looking for without a quality design that possesses intuitive navigation. Most importantly, your website is a reflection of your brand and should possess an equal graphic to content ratio to show guests that you know what you’re talking about, establishing trust with them before they proceed to the checkout. An enticing colour scheme is also a proficient way to evoke the right type of emotional response. Consider your audience and branding when determining the types of colours they may respond best to. Also, look to match your logo, as this will convey professionalism and ensure that you offer the best impression to your customers. 

Since colour theory is not something that everyone knows well, often e-commerce business owners rely on the expertise of a professional web development company to help with the design work. 

Functionality, navigation, and usability 

In terms of user experience, functionality, navigation, and usability must all work together to ensure the site is working properly. If there are loading issues, broken links, or other operational issues that from a user’s perspective are a nuisance, you’re risking losing those customers to another business. That said, confusing or difficult navigation also decreases the efficiency and appeal of your website, along with lack of content making it challenging for guests to feel any need to interact with your brand.

All of the above can be easily fixed with a few website upgrades. Speed optimization allows SEO experts to work on underperforming pages to decrease load time and improve the quality of your brand’s presence while professional copywriting possesses the ability to garner customer interest by providing product and service information that’s clear and interesting. There are so many web development company services that can tackle all of the above while optimizing the usability of your site. 

Clean code

Whether you’re developing a brand-new website, creating new pages, or optimizing existing ones, your code must be clean and SEO-friendly. Taking the time to improve your site’s code can lead to a boost in traffic and conversions. While some plugins are designed to manually clean up, your overall return on investment will be much higher with professionals handling this process rather than AI. 

Mobile responsiveness

It’s no secret that shoppers love to conduct searches on their mobile devices, and with the rise of mobile users, your website must be optimized for smartphones. Ensuring that your website looks great across a variety of devices will allow you to better serve your company, especially if you’re hoping to grow into a large company with a strong web presence. Reach out to the growing population of mobile users by opting to have a responsive mobile conversion package with Numinix!

Effective security

Technology is constantly evolving and with more online purchasing comes more security risks that threaten to compromise the integrity of your business. With everything from malware and viruses to the threat of hackers, it’s the responsibility of the business to ensure that its website is protected from all kinds of breaches. If your website is built to conduct online transactions, your customer’s information is at risk. To reduce online threats, it’s as easy as installing an SSL certificate, which can be developed to secure the framework of your site and ensure its credit card details are produced from browser-based threats.

Did you find the above examples useful? Please drop us a comment with some constructive feedback.

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