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About Jenna Scaglione

Jenna Scaglione is a writer, editor, and a slightly coupon crazed, healthy eating obsessed, lover of family, friends and life. Jenna has a Bachelors degree from Dowling College and a background in the chemical sciences. Following her passions, she became a writer and an internet marketer and enjoys learning, growing and discovering the newest and latest trends on the internet. Crowned "Lady Content", she lives in sunny Socal where she helps her clients around the nation increase brand awareness on the internet through content, marketing and social media.

SEO Strategies Every Ecommerce Store Should Know

Are you preparing and optimizing your site for the upcoming holiday season? For the past month we have been discussing how to adjust and prepare your marketing to enhance your sales potential once the holiday season hits. Today, we will focus on an integral strategy for improving visibility and driving traffic to your website. If…

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