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Facebook and eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven?

Last Updated on Mar 20, 2011 by Jeff Lew

Are you utilizing Facebook to its full potential? Many eCommerce business owners reluctantly avoid Facebook because they don’t see the immediate gratification of instant sales and they are not interested in posting statuses about what they ate for dinner. What they don’t realize is that Facebook has evolved from a teenager’s attempt to talk to boys to a viable, powerful, integral component of a successful marketing strategy.  With over 60 million people using this platform, the game has changed and Facebook and eCommerce are forming a “marriage” of sorts to offer business owners a wide variety of marketing options to reach a large, untapped audience.

How can eCommerce store owners leverage Facebook to their advantage?

Social – Are you talking back? Facebook is a great platform for eCommerce businesses to get to know their audience and build their brands. It is a vehicle to join the conversation and indirectly sell your products by showcasing the honesty, integrity and unique qualities of your business.

Interactive – Facebook users love games and savvy business owners are using them to advertise. By creating games, you can increase your fan count, capture email addresses and advertise your products at the same time. Set up a game that requires users to like your page before they play. You should also give players the opportunity to publish their results which not only displays your brand virally, but it also invites more people to play the games as well.

Give away prizes such as iPads, gift certificates, or even merchandise from your store. You can also continue to expand your brand by displaying your products below the game so they are seen by your customers while they are playing.

Shopping – Give your customers two places to buy your products!  With Facebook, you have the ability to create a shopping experience directly on your page. Incorporate your complete inventory so your customers can either shop directly from Facebook or from your site at a later time. Post coupons and daily deals and link them directly to your shopping pages to offer an easy experience.

This can all be done easily with the Payvment app. In addition to offering a complete store on your Facebook page, the application also includes many more features such as instant discounts for users who “Like” your page as well as share features with embedded links to your store.

Hot off the press: Facebook is in the process of testing a “Buy with Friends” program, which will allow you to offer discounts to the customers who made recent purchases and who encourage their friends to buy your products. Not only will your customers’ friends see these posts, but the friends of their friends will also see them…you can imagine how this can create an explosion of sorts for your business!

Get with the Program

If you are ready to ramp up your eCommerce store, start “Facebooking” and see the potential it provides to dramatically increase your business profits.

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