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Google Loves Content – Why do you hate it so much?

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

As eCommerce business owners, the thought of creating content for the web can feel worse than a harrowing dentist visit. The time ticks away as you sit at your computer wasting away precious time wondering how to captivate your audience.

First, you do not need to be a writer to pen fantastic content. Valuable web content is centered on providing solutions to your target audience and solving their problems. Internet users are not looking for writing scholars; they want answers!

Here are 3 tips to help you create captivating and interesting content:

1. A  Great Headline

Let’s say you need to write an article on party planning because your eCommerce store sells party supplies.

Without a compelling headline (article title), most users will not continue reading your article. The headline is the piece of writing that must grab the attention of your readers and make them want more. It should tell the story, but not completely, and compel the reader to want to read the article, much like tabloid newspaper headlines.

Consider these 2 examples. Which headline is more compelling?

  • Planning a Party is a Good Idea and can be a Great Experience
  • The Top 5 Secrets to Planning a Killer Party that Will Make Your Friends Jealous

In the above example, the first headline is boring and uninteresting. The second compels the reader to think, “If I don’t read this, I will miss out on the secrets!” The second headline creates a sense of urgency.

The truth is that everyone wants to throw a bigger party, drive a better car, live in the best house and be their best at all times. If you can appeal to this basic psychological phenomenon, you will create a winning headline every time.

2. Great Content to Follow the Headline

So, you got them with the headline and they keep reading…what next? It’s a well known fact that internet users have very short attention spans. According to a study performed by Akamai Technologies, when 1,000 web users were asked about their search habits, 75% of them said that if a shopping website took longer than 4 seconds to load, they would leave and not come back to the website.

So, essentially you have 4 seconds to make an impression. If your headline is stellar, your content must follow the same suit. If you tell your audience in your headlines that you have secret information, you better follow it up with great information, not some re-hashed, copied content.

3. Know Your Audience

VALUE breeds SUCCESS on the internet. This is how your content will stand out from the rest. Know your audience and their pain points. Give them what they want to ease their pain and your content will slay every time.

There is a reason why tabloid magazines write some of the highest selling content out there. They give readers what they want.

It’s not about how to get tons of content out on the web in the fastest way possible to give Google what it wants. One valuable article will do more for your online business than 1,000 of the SEO, link-heavy, sub-par content articles out there. If you put your customer’s needs first with your content, you will begin to build a solid long-term business online that can establish you as a leader in your industry and make you a force to be reckoned with.

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