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Have you started preparing your website for the holiday season?

holiday web development

Last Updated on Nov 7, 2019 by Numinix Developer

holiday web development

Holiday shopping is just around the corner so if you’re going to take full advantage of the biggest time of the year, you’ll need to ensure that your website is ready for shoppers. Not only do you want to appeal to people through the use of visual details and skillful developments, but you also want to make sure that your business platform is quick and functional, seamlessly allowing customers to flip between pages to make the shopping experience both simplistic and enjoyable. However, sometimes last-minute holiday web development changes can leave you with broken links and bugs, which is why we recommend only making minor changes from now until the New Year. 

Avoid large-scale functionality changes 

The holiday season extends throughout the entire month of December, with people gifting presents for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. So, if your business is hoping to get in on the seasonal action, you’ll want to ensure that November and December are the imperative months for upkeeping the maintenance on your e-commerce website and not approving changes to its functionality. Major developments take time to program and many eager customers who’re on the lookout for ideas to tick off their shopping lists. It’s only the jolliest time of year if visitors can browse and click page-by-page quickly and efficiently. So, we always recommend making major changes to your website’s framework and operations during the quieter months of the year to ensure that shoppers have no problems when making purchases. 

Ensure your server can handle the traffic

The last thing you want is an overloaded website that has reached its max capacity when it comes to traffic. Since it’s common for e-commerce stores to have a traffic spike nearer to the holidays, it’s the responsibility of the business owner to make certain that their server can handle the extra searches. So, how can you do this? Try working with a web host that allows you to make quick changes. If you already possess a scalable package, your website will autonomously use the resources it needs to allow for a busy shopping season. The best part is that you can always downsize in January if traffic to your website slows down. 

Strengthen your website security 

One of the biggest concerns for shoppers is knowing that their credit card details are protected. By investing in your online security, you’re also strengthening your relationship with your customers, certifying that you’re using encryption technology and an SSL certificate to ensure that their payment is safe, secure, and ready to use the next time they shop. 

Be aware of shipping deadlines 

Effectively managing shipping times and costs are an important part of operating an online business, especially during the holiday season. During the month of November simply measure the weight and dimensions of the package you’re planning on shipping before you put it up for sale, then calculate the charge based on the customer’s location. However, as December draws nearer and postal services become jam-packed with mail to deliver, ensure that you’re honest with your customers by letting them know that their packages may not make it in time for the holidays. 

How else do you prepare your e-commerce business using holiday web development? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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