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Help your clients know you better with the ultimate FAQ plugin

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2020 by Alex Wilks

Numinix’s Zen Cart FAQ module lets you create, organize, and publicize your FAQs in no time!

Taking a simple idea and developing it into a hot-selling plugin, Numinix is providing e-commerce businesses with the power to provide immediate feedback and satisfaction to their shoppers. While there are many Zen Cart FAQ modules on the market, none are as expansive as this Product Questions & Answers FAQ module, which features a design that’s easy-to-use, practical, and responsive. While having an efficient and servable approach is making it such an asset in the industry, the smart, simplistic integration is what’s business owners are raving the most about. After all, when they’re out-and-about conducting their business affairs, customers are sitting there waiting on their responses. This plugin is combating the wait time by managing the answers which allow customers to focus on their purchase, and business owners to conduct other tasks.

How does Numinix’s Zen Cart FAQ module work?

  • It allows users to submit their questions about the business’s product or service. Then, these questions are posted onto a webpage for viewing and discussion among shoppers.
  • Admins hold the ability to approve the user-written answers and offer further information to the questions.
  • The Zen Cart FAQ module is enabled by users and reviewed based on if the explanation was helpful.
  • The result is a user-directed discussion that is managed by the admins and business owners but mediated among trusting shoppers.

What are the benefits of Numinix’s Zen Cart FAQ module?

The Product Questions & Answers FAQ plugin provides:

  • Space where shoppers can get to know your products from customers with purchase knowledge.
  • A similar shopping experience to larger e-commerce websites, giving customers the experience that they deserve.
  • Clients with an opportunity to have a conversation about your business.
  • Saved time for the business owner, not having to answer the same customer questions again and again.
  • A simple and straightforward way for customers to have their questions answered quickly and efficiently.

This Zen Cart FAQ module is the ultimate Question & Answer plugin on the market, allowing all customers the opportunity to answer questions posed by potential customers on a product or service page. While the admin holds the power to approve their responses, and also offer their own answers and feedback, the Q and A discussion are publicly displayed to inspire ongoing communication and first-hand observations by patrons who may be able to solve the problem or offer a resolution based on their experience with that said product or service. A comprehensive settings page will also allow the admin to easily manage and oversee all aspects of the FAQ plugin, including the exclusive permission to edit and disapprove ill-advised answers

Are you ready to implement the ultimate FAQ plugin on your e-commerce site? Contact a member of our team to learn more about the best FAQ plugin on the market.

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