How to Add Afterpay to Shopify?

Convenience is one of the best things you can offer if you want more conversions and to retain more customers. If you own an e-commerce store, giving your customers more payment options is an advantage as it allows them to get your product or service without having to pay for everything all at once.

Afterpay is a widely used digital payment platform that allows shoppers to break down payments on their purchases without interest. Here, you’ll learn how to add Afterpay to your Shopify, how it works, and some advantages you’ll get once you integrate them into your store.

How Does Afterpay Work?

Afterpay is a buy now, pay later payment platform that allows shoppers to break down their total purchase amount into four biweekly payments. 

Suppose Afterpay is already integrated into your website. Then your customers we’ll get additional payment options upon checkout. In choosing the Afterpay route, they will only pay a portion of the purchase as the first installment. Then the remaining three installments will be automatically charged over the following weeks.

This payment solution solves the problem for both eCommerce owners and customers when dealing with high-ticket products or services. With Afterpay, eCommerce stores have experienced a much higher average as customers can reach high-value products at arm’s length since they aren’t obligated to pay the total amount upfront.

How to Integrate Afterpay into Your Shopify?

Integrating the Afterpay payment method into your Shopify is much simpler than it sounds. You only have to create a merchant account for Afterpay and follow a few steps.

  1. Once you’re logged in to your admin store, hover over “Settings” and then “Payments.”
  2. Over there, you’ll see the “Alternative Payments.” Then you’ll have the option to choose an alternative payment method.
  3. After selecting Afterpay as an alternative payment option, you’ll be required to enter your merchant ID and secret key, which are both provided upon sign-up at the merchant account from Afterpay.
  4. Click the “enable test mode” box, then hit “activate” to begin the activation process of integrating the alternative payment method into your Shopify.

How to Add Afterpay Messaging to Your Store?

An additional feature that you can have for both you and your customers once you’ve already added the alternative payment method to your store is Afterpay Messaging. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin store, then select “themes.”
  2. Navigate to the current theme you’re using, and select the “actions” dropdown > “edit code.”
  3. Find the “layout” folder; under that, you’ll find “theme.liquid”
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the “theme.liquid” code, then copy and paste there the Afterpay Site Messaging Code you’ll find on the Afterpay website.
  5. Once you’re done, hit save, then ensure that the messaging is successfully integrated into your store by viewing one of your products. The messaging feature should be visible along with an Afterpay logo under your product price.

Is Afterpay Safe?

Yes, Afterpay is a completely secure service compared to other alternative payment providers. In fact, they are certified to comply with the PCI DSS Level 1, which means they are among the safest payment providers and conform to high-level data security.

Advantages of Adding Afterpay to Your Shopify

Making transactions smooth and easy is one of the best things you can offer aside from your product and service as an eCommerce store owner. Here are some benefits you can expect once you’ve added Afterpay to your Shopify store.

  1. Improve your conversion rates  – Huge upfront payments are one of the most common reasons customers hesitate to purchase. Afterpay gives them the allowance to get more than what they can afford for the time being. Therefore, making purchases they won’t usually make due to the flexibility and convenience of the alternative payment option.
  2. Decrease your cart abandonment – Keeping your customers engaged with good deals ad offers is one of the best ways to avoid or at least decrease your cart abandonment.
  3. Higher average order value – The alternative payment option of paying the total amount in small increments or installments gives your customers more confidence to buy higher-value items. A $500 product or service doesn’t sound as daunting when you give them the option to break the cost down to $125 to pay bi-weekly in 6 weeks. This is how Afterpay provides a win-win situation for both you and your customers. 

Final Thoughts

Afterpay gives the potential advantage for store owners and shoppers, making it one of the best integrations to add to your Shopify. It is convenient, easy to add, and, most significantly, provides a smooth transaction for your buyers.

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