Why Use HTTPS On Your Website?

Web Security should not be taken lightly by a site owner as it raises a factor on your brand reputation, user experience, and overall business. 

Recent high-profile hacks and data breaches have made customers more cautious in surfing the web. So what can you do to earn the trust of those trying to enter your site?

This is where the SSL certificate comes into the conversation. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, developed as a standard layer for securing the connection between web servers and browsers.

Do you really need it for your website? Here are some reasons why adding SSL would benefit your website and overall business.

HTTPS is a Google Ranking Factor 

Google consistently dominates the leading search engines with an overwhelming market share of 92.47.

This is why it’s wise to pay attention to Google Ranking Factors influencing its search algorithm if you’re trying to grow your business online.

Google published a post dating back to 2014 claiming HTTPS as a ranking signal. They elaborated on security as their top priority, intending to make the internet safer for users.

That alone creates a strong case that implementing SSL on your website is important as it is an opportunity to boost your ranking in Google Search.

Better User Experience

It’s hard to gain customer trust if the user knows they are surfing on an unsecured website. 

Google made it easier for users by putting a “Not Secure.” warning label indicating that the web page they are visiting does not provide a secured connection.

Putting your visitors at risk from cyber threats and data breach directly affects your brand reputation. This is why implementing SSL is better for improving user experience.

Google AMP Requires HTTPS

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source HTML created by Google to optimize mobile browsing and boost pages to load faster.

As most of you know, speed is a ranking factor for Google. This means taking advantage of AMP-ready pages would make much sense for boosting rankings.

However, you would first have to secure your website with an SSL certificate to create AMP pages.

Increase Site Security

One of the primary purposes of SSL implementation is to increase website security. It effectively prevents hackers from accessing confidential information such as credit card information, home address, password, email accounts, and everything transferred from the browser to the web server.

SSL provides a layer of protection for users so they can conveniently browse through your site free from worry. 

Website Reliability

Reliability is crucial if you’re trying to build a brand through e-commerce, business, or blogging. Ensuring that your website is secured through SSL will raise the assumption from users that your site is trusted and vice versa.

Trust and reliability are keys to building relationships with your customers online. This is another good reason an SSL certificate is vital for the success of your website and business as a whole.

SSL is Excellent for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving your website’s organic traffic in search engine results. 

This is widely implemented by strategically paying attention to metrics called Google Ranking Factors to rank higher for search queries. 

As mentioned earlier, Google considers HTTPS implementation as a 

ranking factor. This means a lot for search engine optimization.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website directly improves your search engine optimization. Therefore, better organic search traffic and more opportunities to grow your business.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, SSL benefits users and business owners simultaneously as it creates a more secure connection between you and your customers. Hopefully, these reasons have enlightened you on the importance of using HTTPS on your website.

Do you agree with our insights on the importance of HTTPS integrations? Drop a comment down below and start a conversation.

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Why Use HTTPS On Your Website? | Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate