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How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Last Updated on Aug 6, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

Building a successful Ecommerce business is not just about high-converting checkout pages and seasonal discounts; it’s about keeping your site fresh and implementing strategies that entice customers to make return visits.

A stale site will be boring and mundane to your customers. Active sites refresh their content, promotions, products, and design to keep the excitement alive and show customers they are actively engaged with them and their purchasing decisions.

How long has it been since you updated your web design?
Started a new promotion?
Refreshed your product images?
Created a blog post?
Updated your Facebook and Twitter profiles?

It’s not uncommon for Ecommerce owners to spend hours upon hours setting up their websites, products and profiles, only to expect them to run on autopilot forever. The initial setup is just a small piece of the overall marketing strategy. The real magic happens during the maintenance and upkeep stages and webmasters often miss out on potential opportunities for increasing profits simply because they think these tactics are not necessary.

Here are some tips to keeping your website new and enticing for return visitors:

New promotions – There is nothing worse than a Thanksgiving sale banner that is still present on a site after Thanksgiving. Everyone knows that this practice will turn away customers. Are you the store that only offers sales instead of seasonal discounts? Capitalize on every opportunity to gain a sale. Use every holiday and life event, such as back to school or graduation, to acquire more business.

Rotate your banners and sale products to keep things fresh. Don’t leave the same promotion posted unless it is absolutely necessary. Change them regularly with new designs and graphics to keep customers wanting more.

New products – Feature new products regularly to not only stay ahead of the competition, but also to entice customers to return to the store to shop some more. Post the announcement on your social profiles, in a blog post and anywhere else you have direct communication with your customers.

Competitive Analysis – What are your competitors doing to bring in more business? If a competitor is offering 25% off on their products, and you are offering 10%, you may not get the business you want. Periodically check your competitors and try to at least match their offers so you are near the same price point. While price competition is not always necessary, if you are experiencing a traffic lull, it may be something to consider.

Web Design – Is your design looking stale? Does it seem like it should have gone out with 90’s garage bands? A modern site is essential in today’s fast-paced internet environment and if your competitors are sporting new, updated  designs, you are at risk of losing customers.

You don’t necessarily have to re-design your entire site unless it needs a major overhaul. Swapping out a few outdated, old graphics for a fresh, new approach will do the trick. Use compelling images that entice customers and even feature new products to excite people into buying.

Maintaining your Ecommerce site and keeping it fresh is just as important as any other strategy. Don’t let profitable opportunities pass you by. Refresh your site and keep your customers coming back for more.

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