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I Give Up! I Need Help with Inventory Management

Last Updated on Oct 31, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Pull hairAs an Ecommerce store owner, you know that the daily operations of your store are one of the biggest time-suckers of the business.

Tracking inventory levels, orders, deliveries, and more can steal productivity and downright give you a migraine!

Are you tired of manual inventory management? Are you ready to take your inventory “up a notch?”

If you ever had to send that dreaded email to a customer informing them you are out of stock, you know how exhausting product inventory can become. I remember the scowls I received on the phone when I had to tell customers the wedding favor they wanted for their event in two weeks was out of stock. It wasn’t a comfortable moment. Keeping up with out-of-stock items was a huge headache; the spreadsheets; double and triple checking—human error was inevitable!

Saving time is saving money, so if you are up to your ears in manual inventory management, it may be time to automate some of these tasks. Can anyone say “streamline?”

What can you expect from automated inventory management solutions?

  • Prevent product inventory mishaps – No more shortages. Track orders seamlessly and never have to explain to a customer why your store did not display accurate information about product levels.
  • One system – Your entire team can work with one system so each member will be able to communicate effectively. This streamlines tasks and improves efficiency, increasing your ROI.
  • Remove guesswork – Want to run a promotion but don’t know if there is enough inventory to fill orders? It doesn’t get much worse than a customer feeling excited about a special deal only to discover you don’t have any product in stock. With proper inventory management, you will know exactly how much product you have in stock at any given time.
  • Manual updates – Tired of updating your stock levels manually? I used to spend multiple hours wading through rows of products changing the status—it felt like a never-ending task. Automated solutions will allow you to “set it and forget it.” When customers purchase a product or you buy more inventory, your product levels are automatically updated to reflect the exact amount in stock. When you need to find out a product quantity before a promotion, simply check the stock number.

Inventory management is tedious, laborious, and let’s face it—boring! Any automated solution will make your job easier and free up your time and resources to manage the elements of your business that will help it expand and grow.

If you want to start automating some of your inventory management for your Zen Cart store, the Numinix Product Variants Inventory Manager is a great place to start. If your products have attributes (size, color, etc.) , this module will provide you with a simple and easy way to manage your stock.  Try it out and see how valuable the world of inventory automation can be!

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