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Important Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Your customers are somewhere on a social site building relationships and sharing information. Are you joining in on the social conversation?

In the past, ecommerce and social media didn’t mingle due to the ages of its participants. However, social media is no longer all about teenage kids sharing their latest gossip. According to Pingdom, 61% of Facebook users are middle aged or older. The average age of Facebook users is currently 37 years old.

Are you utilizing social media to grow your ecommerce business? Whether you are just launching a campaign or you have enjoyed some success, you can leverage the following tips to maximize your marketing strategies:

Research your Competition

Take a look at your top three competitors and study their social campaigns. Below are some questions you can answer after researching their social profiles.

  • Where are they finding their customers?
  • How are they building relationships?
  • How are they promoting their products?
  • What is their current level of interaction?

If you decide to implement some of your competitors’ strategies, remember to remain true to your brand messaging. This research is meant to spark some ideas and creativity for your campaign, not replace it with identical strategies from your competitors.

Focus on Engagement

Too many ecommerce businesses push their products on social sites and wonder why their profiles are not growing. There is nothing wrong with showcasing your products, but if it becomes excessive, it will turn people away. You can create a buzz around your products without deliberately shoving them in your customers’ faces.

How can you sell your products without turning people away?

  • Get your customers involved in your company culture (i.e. parties, staff pics, etc.).
  • Post recent pics from events or photos of customers purchasing your product.
  •  Ask fans and followers to name your products.
  • Run contests for free merchandise.
  • Start a blog and encourage interaction by posting your content on your social profiles.

Special Offers

Part of the strategy to increasing brand awareness on social media sites is to make your fans and followers feel special. Periodically, offer exclusive discounts or coupons specifically targeted to your social audience. Create coupon codes reflecting this sentiment like FBFANSROCK. Also, offer breaking news like a new product launch or a special discount early just for your fans and followers.

Shop on Facebook

The simpler the buying process, the higher your conversions. With specific applications, you can sell your products directly from Facebook. Customers can make purchases without ever leaving the site. The company 1-800 Flowers has executed this strategy effectively by giving its fans more avenues to shop.

If you do not want to launch a full store right now, consider highlighting specific specials or products customers can purchase right from your Facebook page. You can showcase weekly specials at a discount and encourage sharing to increase your fan base as well.

Whatever you do, just make sure you go wherever your customers are hanging out. If your competitors are successful on a social site, chances are you will be as well. Take the time to poll your current and past customers or send out a survey and request feedback as to what social sites they love. Input your keywords into sites like Social Mention to see who is talking about your industry and where. These actions can offer more insight as to where you will receive the most effective return on your social media time investment.

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