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Increase your Ecommerce Profits with Facebook Advertising

Last Updated on Dec 10, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

Have you used Facebook ads to increase sales, brand awareness, and conversions?

It’s no surprise that Ecommerce stores have found “oodles” of success on Facebook, but unfortunately many have not tapped into the advertising options Facebook offers. To be successful with Facebook advertising, you must know and follow some key strategies if you want to get the most out of your campaigns.

Note: Some trial and error is not uncommon at the beginning of a campaign. Set aside a “trial budget” that will allow you to test various options until you find the sweet spot.

Choose your Advertising

Facebook offers PPC advertising and Sponsored Stories options.

PPC Advertising – With Facebook ads, you pay a specified amount every time a person clicks on your ad. The cost-per-click depends on varying factors, but generally, the better your ads perform, the lower the CPC and the more visibility it will garner.

Brands use ads to…

  • Promote an offer
  • Lead people to their Facebook Pages
  • Advertise discounts
  • Lead people to contests and promotions on or off their Facebook Pages
  • Grow their email lists

Facebook displays ads on the right side of many of the network’s pages and they are often paired with information about a friends’ social actions (likes, etc.)

Sponsored Stories – Sponsored stories allow you to gain exposure via a post. You can pay to highlight specific messages that involve the user interacting with your Page, app, or event which increases the chance people will see them.

Audience Targeting

The beauty of Facebook ads is evident in its targeting capabilities. When you can attract a person who WANTS to interact with a company like yours, your ad success rate increases considerably. Facebook ads allow you to target a specific person based on criteria such as gender, education, country, interests, connections, and more. If you know your audience, you can effectively reach out to them and save money in the process, instead of blindly advertising.

Keep it Simple

Don’t stuff Facebook ad copy with the maximum number of words Facebook allows. The trick to a high-performing Facebook ad is to keep it simple and to the point while asking the user to take action. Also, explain the offer, discount, etc. so users know what to expect when they take the action.

Use images that grab attention and that do not blend into the background. Consider colors that pop off the Facebook page and that do not blend with the blue colors seen on Facebook. Consider a border or making the image pop by using a white background.


Test multiple ads and assess which one performs the best. Once you understand targeting and you have a winner for an offer, run the promotion until you notice your clicks dwindle. At this time, it is wise to change up the offer since Facebook users most likely have already seen it and will not click again if they didn’t the first time. It is not uncommon for Facebook advertisers to vary their ads every few weeks to a month.

Succeeding with Facebook ads takes a little trial and error and some patience while learning. Study the top brands and their tactics. Start with a goal and follow through until you see results. Facebook can be a solid stream of income if you know how to leverage it.

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