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Numinix adds two new upgrade services

Last Updated on Oct 23, 2019 by Numinix Developer

The success of your business is extremely dependent on your website’s ability to attract an audience. One of the best, and easiest, ways that you can enhance a visitor’s experience is by regularly maintaining the software and code to ensure that clicking from page-to-page is prompt and consistent. However, some websites possess complex software applications, though it may be easy to edit, it’s time-consuming and requires a certain level of programming knowledge to resolve performance issues. That’s why instead of getting angry and frustrated at how to handle your website’s maintenance, or trying to fix it on your own, it’s always valuable to leave it to a professional so that the functionality, navigability and overall proper working order of your e-commerce store isn’t left to slip by the wayside. That’s why we’re proud to introduce two, exciting new services that are focused on handling common maintenance concerns. 

Monthly plugin upgrade 

Running an online company is time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to juggle all the tasks of business ownership. That’s why instead of stressing yourself out with the challenges of website functionality, make a professional move and hire a team of experienced developers that are dedicated to maintaining its performance. That being said, those looking for a Zen Cart web development that’s worth the investment, it’s time for you to grab hold of this popular Monthly Plugin Upgrade. Not only will it keep all of your e-commerce plugins up-to-date and operative, but it’ll also show that you take initiative as a dedicated business owner, managing the routine maintenance of your webpage. The best part is that the upgrade provides security and stability to your online system, servicing monthly by a member of our team. Currently, this new service upgrade is available for $180 for three months, providing our developers with 2 hours of working time.

Debug Error Logs Deposit

When your website doesn’t receive ongoing maintenance — fixing broken links and page errors, as well as installing framework and software updates — it’s more likely to be slow and unappealing to potential shoppers. After all, your e-commerce store is a public reflection of your brand and if it’s poorly functioning, it will embody a negative experience for the user. Which is why it needs constant maintenance! With advances in web technology changing, Numinix’s Debug Error Logs Deposit service is bound to give your business more visibility, assigning a developer to monitor your shop’s error logs, looking for fatal error messages and warnings that can proactively be fixed without any reduction to your sales. At only $180 for three months, the service pays for itself! And with your Monthly Plugin Upgrade, you can rest assured that the maintenance of your e-commerce website is in good hands.

Click here to browse at our full list of upgrade services and Zen Cart web developments available. 

What Zen Cart web developments are the most frustrating to keep maintained? Drop a comment below to discuss upgrades and installations. 


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