Popular plugins to boost conversion rates

E-commerce business owners need to put themselves in the shoes of shoppers when they’re looking at ways to boost their online conversions. In an increasingly competitive world where digital strategy is the heart of any business, brands need to look at investments that can pave way for more sales opportunities, and conversions are one of the most important metrics you can use to build your business and increase revenue. So, how do you optimize your e-commerce storefront to increase your conversions? 

What’s conversion rate optimization?

Also referred to as CRO, conversion rate optimization is a type of internet marketing system that works alongside web analytics to increase the percentage of visitors to an e-commerce website. By encouraging click-throughs, that business possesses a higher chance of converting passersby into shoppers that are willing to take action by making purchases. 

One-page responsive checkout 

The modern consumer has grown impatient with developments that have granted them instant gratification, so as a business owner hoping to keep up with high modes of productivity, you should consider this highly-desirable plugin.

The one-page responsive checkout plugin developed by Numinix is especially useful in reducing the length and wait time of completing an online checkout. Keeping customers happy and satisfied with a modern layout and a functional process, you will be empowering your website’s conversion rate and also making the usability of the checkout process easier for those who are relatively new to online shopping. So, regardless of the device or browser, the dimensions of your checkout are responsive, encouraging the completion of the purchase and a decrease in order cancellations at the checkout phase. 

Olark live chat widget 

While you likely have your hours of operation proudly displayed on your e-commerce site, that doesn’t mean that shoppers will only be browsing during those business hours. So, instead of sending automations that tell them you’re currently unavailable, wouldn’t it be better to set up a chat that can answer their questions and contact you for further support? 

Building a direct communication line creates trust and loyalty with your brand and it can also help influence potential customers with their decisions to purchase your products or services. That’s why the olark live chat widget is one of our best-selling conversion rate optimization plugins! It offers customers a feature-rich chat messenger that is easy to click and send their pressing questions, while also enabling you to reach out to them directly if you see that they’re experiencing technical difficulties. So, whether shoppers have a question about your product material or they simply can’t complete the purchase because of your website’s operational performance, this widget offers all the features you need for a live chat interface on your e-commerce site. 

Free shipping – average rate per unit 

There’s nothing worse than adding items to your online shopping cart expecting to spend a certain amount only to be plagued with a hefty shipping cost once you click “pay now”. So, business owners need to consider this and ensure that they invest in a shipping plugin that accurately illustrates the cost to the consumer and also shows how much more can be added to the cart to achieve free shipping.

Numinix’s free shipping – average rate per unit plugin is a shipping module that allows merchants to offer shoppers free shipping based on their pre-set requirements. This could include order totals, the total weight of the selected items, or even total items. Taking into consideration that most shoppers prefer to buy more items rather than pay shipping, this module has proven quite successful in contributing to the conversion rate optimization of e-commerce websites. 

What other great upgrades have you orchestrated on your e-commerce site to increase your conversion rate optimization?

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