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Roadblocks to Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Last Updated on Feb 17, 2011 by Jeff Lew

So you are running late for that show you just have to see, and you decide to take your favorite, little known route.  Suddenly, you are ahead of schedule and cruising without a care in the world. Then, as you round that last corner, you run into a ROADBLOCK!  It not only stops you cold, but now you have to backtrack and will be running behind for sure.  This scenario can be repeated when it comes to your website’s conversion rate.  Roadblocks come when you least expect it, and are by their nature, a surprise. If you want to increase your conversion rate, you must avoid these at all costs.  So strap yourself in, cause here we go with the Roadblocks To Increasing Your Conversion Rate:

#1-It’s All About You

Here is a newsflash: Your users are not all like you!  Actually, they probably care very little about you as a person, and a whole lot about you as a company and what you can do for them.  If your copy tells all about how great you are, your conversion rate will suffer.  Avoid being a me monster at all costs.

#2-You Convince Them To Death

Of course you have created the most amazing, fantastic, one-of-a-kind, product ever known in the history of man.  You want to tell your users about it, in gross detail.  Don’t do that.  Most visitors to your site DO NOT want to read long paragraphs of copy.  Get to the point quickly, and only hit the high points.  If you want to satisfy the more detail oriented, put more details down near the bottom of the page.  But, you don’t really need to.

#3-Your Site Is All Show And No Go

Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice great content and relevant design for fancy colors and symbols, and such.  Being trendy and hip is great, but usability and clarity should be your watchwords.  Keep it simple, familiar, and up to standards, period!

#4-You Hang  Your Visitors Out To Dry

As mentioned before, people expect certain things from a website in general.  They want to be walked, step by step, through a process with an end result they will be happy with.  If you lead them to the water, and there is no water, you have a problem.  Make sure you invite them to make a decision.  A call to action is a call to a sale, lead, or whatever end result you are searching  for.

#5-You Don’t Split Test

I mentioned the importance of split testing in a earlier blog.  You should really check it out.  Split testing takes the guess work out of making improvements.  If you don’t split test, don’t expect tremendous improvement.  It is the only way to make incremental, constant, improvement to your conversion rate. By the way, if you aren’t doing it, the other guys are.

So, now that you know what obstacles to avoid on your road to higher conversions, happy trails to you…until we meet again.

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