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The Magnificent 7: Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate

You wanna improve your conversion rate.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.  Here are some great ways to make that dream a reality.

1.  Split Test

An absolute must have.  The number one best way to improve your conversion rate over time.

2.  Demand Excellence of Your Site

Make sure your site reflects your standards of excellence.  Great grammar and syntax, no broken links, useful but exciting design, the best products in your field, best prices, customer service beyond expectations, etc.

3.  Optimize Web Speed

Faster loading pages=Happy Customers=Ka ching!

4. Be Compatible with All Browers

Make sure your site works well with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, and whatever the next hot browser is.

5. Call Your Users To An Action

Make sure you are encouraging your customers to “Add To Cart”, or “Call us now”, or “Sign-up here for more information”.  They want to do something.

6. Improve Your Checkout Process

Make it faster, with less steps.  Give your users the option of guest checkout, so that they don’t have to sign-up, remember a password (one of tens, or hundreds), and go through the rigmarole.  Maybe they just want to buy a product, right then.  Let them do it.  Also, try to use an alternate payment method, like PayPal.  That way if they don’t want to give a total stranger their credit card information, they don’t have to.

7.  Keep the Visitor In Mind…Always!

Survey your visitors when you can.  Find out what they like and don’t like.  If you see some consistency in the don’t like column, change it.  Pay attention to trends in the market, and follow them. Remember, every visitor is a potential customer.  Treat them that way.

Now then, go forth, and do things.  Let us know if you have a success story to share about your conversion rate.  We’d love to hear it.

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